Claire Dassy

Claire Dassy is an “on the go” photographer.  Whether hiking, biking, or kayaking, a camera is always at hand.  A passion for the little things in life influences  Claire’s ability to capture the activities, antics and nuances of nature.

Claire grew up in a small seaside community of the Bronx, New York; one that only recently is gaining recognition for the vast array of birds and other wildlife that influenced her early love of the outdoors. Visit  to learn more. 

In the early 70’s, Claire studied photography at NYU, specializing in portraiture, but it was a move to Illinois and the advent of digital photography that returned her focus to a love of nature. Birds, shorebirds, and butterflies became her new colorful subjects. “ I use ordinary equipment and extraordinary patience to capture their portraits in natural settings.“

February 14, 2010, Chicago Tribune: Claire Dassy featured in article, "Capturing Birds."
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